Twenty Thousand Animals Reside At The Zoo

Chester Zoo is the place to visit if your child loves animals and learning about them. There are about twenty thousand animals which reside at the zoo on 125 acres of gardens which have been considered to be award winning. About 1.6 million people visit the zoo every single year. Families have enjoyed the zoo for years. The staff cares a great deal about every animal which lives in the exhibits and ensures that they are well taken care of and that all of their needs are met. The staff works hard because of the general love for animals and care for nature. They want to be the best charity for conservation in the entire world!

The staff at Chester Zoo is passionate about you and your family having an incredible experience just as much as they are passionate about what they do. They also work with the endangered wildlife that exist around the world. The zoo is open daily year round at 10am. The only exceptions being Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Chester Zoo offers a variety of things to do varying from beautiful animals to habitats. Explore their website to find out more information on the habitats and wonderful and happy wildlife that exist in the zoo currently.

The mammals which live in the zoo include the following: big cats, elephants, hoofed animals, monkeys and apes, meerkats, mongeese, and otters, horses and rhinos, bears, and dogs. The birds which reside in the zoo include: songbirds, penguins, parrots, ratites, flamingos, rollers, hornbills, owls, cranes, pigeons and doves. The zoo houses over 1,000 different types of birds. The zoo also houses reptiles! What zoo would be complete without them? The Chester Zoo has crocodiles, snakes and lizards, and turtles and tortoises. The amphibians of the zoo include frogs and toads. There are also marine fish as well as fresh water fish. The zoo also has invertebrates on display including: butterflies, moths, leaf and stick insects.

The Chester Zoo customer service team is available to provide information on the zoo location, hours of operation, ticket costs, and more. Information on exhibits and special events is available to those who wish to attend. Call the Chester Zoo phone number to request assistance with purchasing a yearly membership. Feel free to visit TheContactNumber for more information on how to contact the Chester Zoo support team.

The zoo exists primarily to the devotion, protection, and welfare of the wildlife and nature as a whole. The zoo has protected the biodiversity and fight against species extinction for over eighty years. The vision is for a diversely thriving natural world which is also sustainable. The mission of the zoo is the one of the major forces which is working towards conserving the world.

There are many zoos however none quite compare to the Chester Zoo. This zoo offers a unique experience to families. Children love visiting the zoo. They are able to see all of their favorite animals as well as learn about new animals each time they visit. Parents can appreciate the fact the museum is so dedicated to the conservation of the wildlife and nature of the zoo as well as that which exists outside of it. The staff of the zoo strive to create a happy and healthy environment for the animals in which it houses as well as a fun and wonderful experience for those visiting.

If you would like to visit the zoo, call the Chester Zoo contact number which can be found on directories such as Flaptor to book tickets. The website also offers a detailed list of each type of animal in its respective category. It also provides a brief history of that type of animal and why it is relevant to the wildlife existence today. This zoo is unique from other zoos because of the intense passion the staff has for nature. It is the mission of this zoo to conserve as much wildlife and nature as humanly possible, and even then some. Chester Zoo is a wonderful location to take your family for a fun filled and educational afternoon.