Why Pretty Litter Is The Best Choice For Cat Owners (New Discount Code)

For cats, territory is extremely important. Cats regard their territories as you would your clothing. When you are naked, you feel vulnerable. So do cats when they are introduced into new homes. It is very common for these pets to hide in a new territory. Those which are under-socialized or sensitive can hide for up to a week or even longer. To help smooth the transition for your new cat to acclimatize to your home, you ought to furnish them with all the privacy they require. Well here are some tips on how to bring a new cat home.

Make all your preparations beforehand

Ideally, it is prudent to start your preparations prior to actually bringing the cat home. To begin with, pick an excellent room where you can set up a litter box, usually a bathroom can be ideal. As for the litter box, the Pretty Litter brand (New Pretty Litter discount code: 10% off your first order with code FIRST10) can be a suitable option as a new pet owner. This product can alter its color to notify you of any potential health related concerns after each use. It is important to note that felines are very adept at concealing signs of sickness, and this particular litter box can be a lifesaver in letting you know if your cat is unwell. Put an inch or 2 of litter in the litter box and then position it at a corner. Next you should install a cardboard box that has been overturned and fitted with 2 doors as a safe haven. Most cats feel more secure when they possess a 2nd route of escape. Settle for a box which is sufficiently large to let the cat stand up, stretch, turn around and lie down with ease. Place this box at an angle where the pet can monitor the door. Next, put a scratching post close to the box. Lastly, clear off a shelf where the cat will be able to perch and contemplate their new territory.

Cat-proof your whole home

After completing preparations for the first room you will introduce the cat to, proceed to cat-proof the rest. Always make sure there is an upraised surface where the pet can jump up. If there are areas that could be potentially dangerous, block them. Also, ensure you place a scratching post in each room.

Feeding your new cat

Position a bowl of water in the opposite direction from the litter box. Then you should open the carrier in which the cat is. Don’t force him or her to come out, rather let them do so on their own volition. Leave the room for some time to let the pet survey their new territory at ease. At this time, prepare some premium cat food and take it to the pet. Position the feeding bowl next to the bowl of water. Still, you shouldn’t be surprised if the cat isn’t interested in the food. It is common for re-homed cats to avoid eating for a couple of days. When your pet starts soliciting attention, begins to eat and stops hiding, you should open the door and present them with a new room to explore. Continue to do this gradually until they become familiar with all rooms in your home.