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Best Cat Food for Ferrets

Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food?

Although ferrets have been staying with humans for sometime now. They are still rare pets. It is expensive to keep them when you compare it with dogs and cats. As there is less demand for ferrets, not much is known about what food and habitat would suit them. To solve the issue many ferret owners have started to include cat food in the ferret’s diet. This is done because they don’t have an option to buy food, which is specifically for ferrets. However, you can also settle for the food given to cats. Out of all pet foods, the one which is suited the most for ferrets. When you are choosing the food for your ferret, it is good to know what the basic diet for ferrets is.

Top Cat Food Brands for Pet Ferrets

1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food – A Protein – Rich Food Suitable for Ferrets

The Wellness Core Cat food is very good for ferrets because it does not have grains, mainly corn. Corn is undesirable in a diet for ferrets. This cat food contains 45% of proteins and approximately 18% fat, the carbohydrate content is also around 3% which is acceptable when it comes to giving your ferret a good diet.

As you are aware that the ingredients are permissible for ferrets. Listed below are some Pros and Cons of the product.


  • Flavor: Turkey, Turkey and Duck, Salmon and Herring & Chicken.
  • Item Weight: 11 Pounds.
  • Ingredient Information: Soy Free, Wheat Free & Gluten Free.
  • Item: Dry.
  • Non-GMO ingredients.


  • It is grain free.
  • Each bite of food contains high concentration of animal protein.
  • It gives a good skin coat with easy digestion and good immunity.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Finest ingredients from all across the globe.
  • It has an amazing flavor suited for ferrets.


  • The bag of the pet food cannot be seal packed. Hence, the content might become rotten.

2. Orijen Dry Food for Cat and Kitten – for Meat Eaters

This is an Orijen dry food for kittens and cats. So, these are preferable for ferrets as well. It contains chicken and turkey along with eggs which make up 90 % of the entire product. The content of fiber is minimal. The content of whole grains, potatoes are excluded from the formula completely.


  • Brand: Orijen.
  • Flavor: Cat & Kitten, Regional Red & Six fish.
  • Item Weight: 0.4 pounds, 3.9 Pounds and 11.9 pounds.
  • Sensitive Ingredient Information: Wheat Free.
  • Item Form: Dry item.


  • The formula is grain free.
  • Made of whole animal ingredients from free run chicken, turkey, wild caught fish and eggs which are cage free.
  • Uses fresh and raw ingredients which includes meat, organs, bones and cartilage.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Rich in proteins.


  • The changed formula which was made recently, is not good as the one before.

3. Instinct Ultimate Protein Natural Cat Food -The Surplus Protein for Health

The main ingredients of this pet food which is suitable for ferrets is that it is made of real chicken and turkey along with duck meat. It does not have grains, additives and dyes. It is very rich in natural vitamins and also benefits the texture of the hair and skin. It is good for immunity. The pieces of the pet food are small and are good for ferrets.


To keep your pet viable, you need to buy food which is good for its health. This pet food will keep him in good health and strength. The manufacturers take a lot of precaution and offer best quality raw poultry meat in a frozen form. Besides this it does not contain grain, soy, wheat and additives.

  • Brand: Instinct.
  • Flavor: Chicken, Duck.
  • Item Weight: 1.8 pounds, 4 Pounds and 10 pounds.
  • Ingredient: Soy Free, Wheat Free.
  • Item Form: Raw, Dry.


  • High protein grain free food which has cage free chicken.
  • It has ultimate protein dry cat food which has 3x more chicken, 95% protein comes from chicken and vegetables.
  • Made with probiotics which enhances the digestive system and the omegas make sure the skin and coat is shiny.
  • The antioxidants are good for immunity.
  • It is made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors and additives.
  • Every piece of pet food is coated with frozen meat.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Comes in limited flavors.
  • For adult ferrets only.

The meal from the manufacturer has a very good effect on the skin quality for the ferret. It has raw uncooked food which is important for predators.

4. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze -Dried Raw Dinner for Cats – Vital Diet which has Freeze – Dried Raw Morsels for Cats:

Stella and Chewy’s is a vital diet for your ferret. It has a lot of nutrients with untreated meat. It can never harm it as this food does not have gluten and grains in it. The food is made of small pieces which are chewable. This is very good for the teeth and gums of the pet.


This food is easily digestible and can affect the immunity, hair, teeth, skin and gums. It is made of ingredients which are perfect for your pet and along with it you will find natural crude poultry. The manufacturers have taken care of the pet’s safety hence there are no dyes, preservatives or substances which are harmful.

  • Brand: Stella & Chewy’s.
  • Flavor: Duck, chicken, salmon, rabbit and salmon & rabbit.
  • Weight: 3.5 Ounce, 0.56 Pounds, 1.13 Pounds.
  • Ingredient: Gluten Free.
  • Item Form: Raw, Frozen.


  • Every kibble of the Raw Dinner Morsels cat food contains 98% poultry, taurine, organs and bones, and probiotics for dietary health. All ingredients are responsibly added.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Natural and minimal processes, no added hormones, antibiotics fillers or grains.
  • Complete balanced diet.
  • Raw nutrition which is freeze dry.
  • Supports better health and appetite.
  • Gives relief in digestion, allergies and is good for the immunity of the ferrets.
  • Provides good health, teeth and gums.


  • Some ferrets might have an upset stomach.
  • The kibbles are sometimes found to be soft and damp.
  • Contains vegetables.
  • The package is small.

5. ZIWIPeak Air-Dried Cat food – Natural, High Protein, Grain Free & limited Ingredients with Super foods

The pet food from the ZIWIPeak is naturally dried in air. It is prepared from self-feeding poultry meat. This is something your ferret will like to eat, as the feed is without any additional food additives. It consists of ingredients which are natural, without antibiotics or GMO’s. It has green mussels, raw chicken which makes 96% of the total component along with organs. The items do not have grains or vegetables but have the meat of cage free chicken. The manufacturers have included omegas for shine in the skin of the ferrets. The food is amazing which makes the pet active. The quality of food is excellent. The best part of the food is that it is not frozen but only dried by specific methods. The grain free food for ferrets has been processed without being processed and frozen. Hence, it includes all vitamins and nutrients.


Brand: ZIWI.

Flavor: Chicken, beef, lamb, venison, mackerel & lamb.

Item Weight: 2.2 pounds & 14 Ounces.

Ingredient: Soy Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free & wheat free.

Item: Dry.


  • High Protein content along with dense nutrition.
  • It consists of a whole prey diet which has 96 % of cage free chicken meat along with organs and green mussels.
  • It is safe for ferrets as it is grain-free, without antibiotics or GMO’s.
  • It is low on carbohydrates and has balanced nutrients.
  • It is a natural source of enzymes and probiotics.
  • Has omega-3 which helps in keeping the skin quality.
  • Has organic kelp which is a natural source of antioxidants and minerals.
  • Improves inflammation.
  • Can be given to all age groups of ferrets.


  • The smell of the food is strong.
  • Lots of dust in the package.
  • Not good for all pets.

6. Instinct Raw Boost Recipe Dry Cat Food – High Protein Kibble & Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

This feed is available in raw cat form which is prepared from natural poultry meat which is fed on grass. Hence, the chicken is prepared from cage free chicken which is good for ferrets. Pet owners can find proteins, omega, probiotics which are in the composition of this feed. These nutrients keep the ferrets active and playful. The kibble is made from small and large grains, raw, frozen dry meat. The feed is not processed much, thus preserving the taste and nutritional value. Additionally, it has vitamins and omegas for keeping the skin beautiful and healthy. This diet is good for ferrets which have all beneficial components. It does not include dyes but can cause stomach upset or even allergies in ferrets. However, this is a tasty treat for your ferret.


  • Brand: Instinct.
  • Flavor: Chicken, Duck, Salmon.
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds, 4.5 pounds,5 pounds & 10 pounds.
  • Ingredient: Soy Free, Wheat Free.
  • Item: Raw, Dry, and Frozen.


  • Grain free and freeze-dried raw cage free chicken used.
  • High in protein.
  • Contains probiotics for healthy digestion and omegas for skin.
  • Made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy and preservatives.
  • Balanced nutrition for your ferrets.
  • Nice flavor.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Can cause diarrhea and vomiting in some ferrets.
  • Crushed too much.
  • Not recommended, if sensitive to food.

7. Petcurean Go Solutions Carnivore Grain Free – Chicken/Turkey and Duck

This Petcurean Go Solutions formula is based on turkey, chicken and meat of duck. It does not have any meat by- products or grains. However, this food also contains peas, vegetables and fruits which is not good for ferrets if ingested in large quantities very often. Also, the fiber content is low, not more than 1.6%.


  • Brand: GO! SOLUTIONS.
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds & 8 pounds.
  • Ingredient: Gluten Free.
  • Age Range: All ages.


  • It is made of 100% fresh chicken, trout, turkey, duck and salmon.
  • 0% by products, growth hormones, artificial preservatives, wheat, corn, soy sauce and gluten free meals.
  • Rich protein content.
  • No by-product.
  • Enriched with Omega fatty acids.


  • Contains vegetables and fruits included in the meal.

8. Wysong Dream Treats for Dogs/Cats/Ferrets- Raw Food

The Wysong Dream treats are suitable for cats, dogs and ferrets. These are treats which are freeze dried which contains 46% animal-based protein which includes meat of chicken, organs, bones and some vegetables such as blueberries, broccoli, carrots and plums. The fiber does not exceed the limit of 0.5% which is good for ferrets. This can be used as a treat for ferrets but never include it in the daily diet of ferrets.


  • Brand: Wysong.
  • Flavor: Chicken, quail and rabbit.
  • Item Weight:0.3 Pounds.
  • Item Form: Discs, Raw, Frozen.
  • Age Range: Adult.


  • Raw meat treat for ferrets which is processed uniquely without damaging the nutrients in heat.
  • A true non thermal freeze-dried raw product.
  • Free of fillers.
  • Contains meat, plant nutrition, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals.
  • Has an array of micronutrients.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Strong smell.
  • Expensive.
  • Occasional treat.
  • Contains fruits.


  1. What kind of cat food can I feed my ferret? Can Ferrets eat Wet cat food?
  2. If you want to feed cat food to ferret, you should make sure that the food which you have chosen is high-quality kibble. The wet food for cats is not good for ferrets. The reason being that the wet food does not have proper macronutrients to satisfy the ferret’s diet. Ferrets need continuous access to food which is required all throughout the day. If the food is wet it might get spoilt, if kept out. Wet cat food is very soft and is not enough for ferret’s teeth.
  3. Can ferrets eat Kitten food?
  4. Kitten food is perfect for ferrets. They are even better than cat food. The kitten food contains more proteins and fewer carbohydrates. Always choose high-quality kitten food.
  5. Can ferrets eat dog food?
  6. Avoid giving dog food to your ferret. It gives them trouble in digestive tracts and causes health problems.
  7. What Nutrition can be harmful to a ferret?
  8. Many animals like to eat chewing gum, toothpaste which has xylitol. If taken with sugar it is toxic. Never allow them to eat these kinds of things. Don’t give grains, milk and chocolate. Even fruits are harmful, such as grapes. Ferrets can’t digest grapes.

Best Cat Food for Ferrets – A Guide for Buyers

Ferrets have been domesticated recently hence their eating habits have been the same since the beginning. All ferrets are carnivores. Their daily diet mainly comprises proteins, fat, carbohydrates and fibers. Cats have a different digestive system than ferrets and the kibbles have plant nutrition mostly. Hence, you need to choose high quality food to get high quality protein. You can feed your ferret these treats on certain occasions but don’t include it in their diet.  Always mix it with special ferret food or meat which is raw. Read the label before you buy it. Make sure the food which is available is at least 36% protein and has maximum 3% of fiber. Feeding cat food to ferrets regularly is not a good thing to do. While buying food for them, make sure to consider the following criteria:

  • Look for Proper Macronutrient Ratio: Ferrets and cats are carnivorous animals. However, cats have been staying with humans for a long time hence they have accustomed themselves accordingly. Hence their food contains fruits, vegetables and seeds as well. This is not the same for ferrets. So, if you buy cat food for ferrets you should make sure that the nutrition is 36% protein, 18 % minimum fat and fiber content is more than 3 %.
  • Make Sure It Is Dry Freeze Kibble: Wet cat food is not good for ferrets. Always give them dry food. You can also give the freeze-dried treats occasionally.
  • Quality Of Finished Production: Many ferret owners still have difficulty to provide balanced nutritious food to their ferrets. According to research it is best to give high quality kitten food to ferrets as it is perfect for them. They are harmless and useful.  Many scientists are still researching which food would be suitable for ferrets. However, till now ferret owners have given cat diets for ferrets which have high quantity proteins. In the market nowadays a vast variety of cat food is available.

There are many other home food options which can be given to ferrets as the food should be protein based. If you want to give treats which are homemade, then you can try the below:

  • Cooked chicken.
  • Cooked turkey.
  • Cooked lamb
  • Boiled egg,


Specialized ferret food is best for your pet. However, the best cat food which you can feed your ferret is Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food. This cat food which is even suitable for ferrets has the following qualities. It is grain-free. Each bite of food contains high concentration of animal protein. It gives a good skin coat and also allows easy digestion and provides good immunity to ferrets. The feed is manufactured in the USA and it has the finest ingredient, from all across the globe. It is available in amazing flavors, suited for ferrets.

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