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Best Ferret Bedding

What are the Top Bedding Brands for Pet Ferret Cage?

Do you own a ferret? You must have thought of many ways to ensure not only their comfort but also freedom within your home. If you already have an enclosure, then the next important purchase you could make for them is suitable bedding. What makes the most suitable bedding for ferrets?

Comfort is critical to any pet. It allows them to live freely, rest easy, and move about with no strains or sores on their feet. A good cage should be well-cushioned to offer protection from tough wire mesh, which can cause discomfort to walk or sleep on. 

Proper cushioning also keeps odor or liquid waste from interfering with your ferret’s space. A happy pet can burrow without any worries and take naps during the day. But comfort is not all that you should think about—consider the dimensions and overall size of the cage you are intending to get the bedding for.

Varying dimensions will require matching sizes. A clean and healthy environment is something else that will ensure your little friend gets the best in their enclosure. Are these all the factors that you should consider when thinking of getting your ferret bedding? There is more.

First, it is good that you note that there are plenty of available products to choose from. Determining which product to go for can be confusing since they all offer competitive features that will mean something different to your pet. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ferret bedding in the market. While that should make the selection easier for you, we will also have a look at some of the ways you can ensure to walk away with a product that will not only be of value but also one that will suit your ferret optimally. 

Our list is as follows:

1. So Phresh 

Is your major concern odor control? Then this could be a good first consideration. What does the So Phresh have to offer? You may appreciate the freshness of this product’s clean scent. With the use of baking soda in its composition, it can leave your pet’s enclosure with a fresh smell for long.

What is more, is that it features a highly absorbent material—natural paper, which comes not only biodegradable but is also entirely not allergenic (100%). You may also be happy that it is 99% dust-free. Summarily, there is the material to love about this product, which is natural paper.

It also comes in a 40-liter capacity. Besides the baking soda included in its composition, the bedding is also non-allergenic and 99% dust-free. It is a good choice for odor control, following the freshness it can leave your ferret cage with.

Notable setbacks, however, are that some ferrets do not like scented bedding, and spilling fine bedding out of an enclosure is easy.


  • Dust-free 
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • High absorption
  • Great odor control


  • Scented bedding is unsuitable for some ferrets
  • Fine bedding can fall out easily

2. Small Pet Select 

Getting a suitable bedding size for your ferret can at times be challenging; this second option, Small Pet Select, offers a solution. It features great expansivity of its volume to up to three times. It is also available in a variety of sizes, making it possible to choose the most suitable option.

You may love that you will be getting your little friend all-natural materials—it is made of paper. What more you should expect, is comfort, thanks to the bedding’s soft texture. That is not all; you may find it to be very absorbent. It does not contain any toxic substances or chemicals, which means 100% safety to your pet.

Summarily, this bedding is made of paper and does not have in its make anything that can cause harm to your ferret. It features a whopping capacity of 178 liters and besides coming unbleached, it is also soft and highly absorbent.

Notable setbacks are that this product does not feature the best expansion, compared to other compressed bedding and its odor control is limited since it is not scented.


  • Unprinted, unbleached paper
  • 100% safe
  • High expansivity


  • Its expansivity is not the best
  • Limited odor control

3. Vitakraft Fresh World 

If you are thinking of another option good for odor control, then this bedding could work for your ferret. Let us have a look at how Vitakraft Fresh World does it. This product contains baking soda, which enhances its odor control and can go for up to 14 days, making it ideal for use with your ferret.

That is not all; it offers great absorption of up to 3 times its weight in liquid. You may be happy with its dust-free nature, at 99.5%. Its soft texture is something else impressive about the bedding, which your ferret may find to be gentle on its paws.

This bedding is made of 100% recycled materials. When you are done using it, you will find that it is biodegradable and compostable. Summarily, you may love its material—recycled paper. It features a capacity of 2130 cubic inches. Besides its great odor control, it also comes dust-free.

Notable setbacks are that the bedding can easily fall out of the cage due to its fineness and compared to other compressed models, this product does not offer the best expansivity.


  • Great odor control
  • Recycled paper materials
  • High absorption


  • Fine bedding can fall out easily
  • Its expansivity is not the best

4. Marshall 

If you are looking for bedding that is made specially to provide ferrets with the best, then you may not go wrong with this option, the Marshall. What does it have to offer? First, it provides great odor control, which can leave your little friend’s enclosure with not only a clean smell but also freshness.

You may be happy with its materials, natural paper fibers, which are responsible for the freshness and odor control. Something else about this product that is impressive is its ingredients, which you may find to be non-allergenic to your ferret. It is also dust-free, ensuring comfort to sensitive ferrets.

This product is manufactured in the USA and summarily, features a 10-pound capacity. It is made from natural paper fibers and besides providing great odor-control, it is also non-allergenic. This bedding is made to serve ferrets optimally and could be just what you need.

A notable setback with this product is that compared to other paper bedding, this is not the softest you will find.


  • Made to suit ferrets
  • 100% natural
  • Special odor control ingredients


  • Its softness does not compare to some other paper bedding

5. Healthy Pet Critter Care 

The material with which ferret bedding is made is an important consideration; in this case, you would want to go for natural products. This option could be a good consideration for your ferret, following that it is made from all-natural and suitable materials. What more does it have to offer?

You may love its expansivity, which makes it possible to use with varying dimensions of enclosures. It can expand to twice its volume, coming at 60 liters. The materials with which it is made are not only entirely natural but are also safe.

That is not all; the lasting odor control that this product provides is something else you may find to work well for your ferret. Its absorption can go up to 3 times its weight in liquid. To crown it all, is the comfort that this bedding offers, thanks to its soft texture. This is good for your ferret’s feet and can also come in handy during naps.

Summarily, this product is made of all-natural fiber materials. It features a 60-liter capacity and not only offers high absorption but also great odor control. A notable setback is that it comes in a brown color, which you may not find to be attractive, compared to others.


  • High absorption
  • High expansivity
  • Long-lasting odor control


  • You may not find the brown color to be attractive

Every pet owner needs to care for their pets, ensuring they do not lack what is critical to not only their comfort but also development. A healthy environment is one such way, besides offering a balanced diet, sufficient space to play in, and even a cozy place to rest or nap.

When looking to purchase bedding for your little friend, there are things you may want to consider. We have discussed some of the available products and the different features they have to offer. What else, however, can you do to care for your pet and ensure they live their best lives?

Freedom is healthy since it enables a pet to play and move around without worries. If the space they have is too little, then this may not be possible. Therefore, check that the enclosure you intend to keep them in has enough room for activity with a variety of toys for their games.

Talking of games and activities, you may have realized or will, that they love to have plenty of fun whenever possible. It is important to let them have sufficient time for it not only in their enclosures but also outside. Interact with them as much as you can during the day.

Like most other pets, ferrets tend to get not only explorative but also testing and of course, clever. Caging them only works if their enclosure can hold them in for the time they will be using it. You may, therefore, want to ensure that the cage is escape-proof; double-check if you have to.

What should you feed them? This is important to their health and general development. Therefore, consider getting commercial diets of high-quality. Check that the levels of healthy fats and proteins are high—they will need them more; also, check that the levels of fiber and carbohydrates are low.

Hygiene is something else important. Do you feel that your ferret needs a regular bath? Well, you should not worry about regular baths, following that these pets have their ways of self-grooming. Too many baths could affect the natural oils in their coats, which is not something you would want to happen.

However, do not limit yourself to their self-grooming. Whenever you feel that they need a bath, perhaps if they get really dirty. That is not all, however, on grooming. Besides bathing, you can also ensure that they look and feel good in other ways.

Shedding happens, so, it is a good idea to brush them regularly. Remember that their nails can also get pretty long over time. Like you would for a baby, help trim their nails. They will be happier when they are cared for and shown love.

That is not all you can do for your ferret; remember their resting environment. A clean cage will mean a happy and comfortable pet. Regularly, check that their cages are clean. You can set a maintenance schedule that is easy to stick to.

Finally, get your ferret bedding that they will love and find to be comfortable. Avoid products that may contain harmful or toxic substances and go for those that are spacious, cozy, dust-free, and have great absorption.

Bottom Line

It is easy to get confused by the available options for ferret bedding. Each product has something to offer and mostly, each can mean something good for your pet. So, how do you tell which product to go for? Our list features some of the best products in the market.

While knowing them does not answer all questions, it is a good idea to set preferences of what you know will and will not work for your pet. Match that against what is available, eliminating what may not be good enough.

Nevertheless, I would like to recommend So Phresh bedding. It is made of natural paper and comes in a 40-liter capacity. Besides the baking soda included in its composition, the bedding is also non-allergenic and 99% dust-free. It is a good choice for odor control.

Buy the So Phresh bedding today!

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