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Best Ferret Toys

What are Good Toys for Pet Ferrets to Chew On & Play?

Ferrets are adorable creatures both in the wild and at home as pets. Ferret pet owners enjoy their company and engage them during playtime with an assortment of toys. They are excellent for stimulating their mind and exercising their bodies. Some toys are versatile and can perform both the tasks of physical and mental engagement.

So how do you know exactly which toy will be the perfect fit for your ferret? First, you will need to understand the needs of your pet. Ferrets, not unlike all other pets, require exercise. It stimulates blood circulation, faster and better metabolism, and efficient nutrient intake which subsequently leads to healthy growth.

Still, there is a wide range of ferret toys out there that provide this basic need for exercise. How then do your sort through all the available options and land on the ones that tick all the right boxes? Ferrets are very curious so your choice of pets will have to satisfy this inclination. Ferrets are also naturally really great diggers. Having a pit or something similar is a plus.

In this guide, I will take a look into the leading ten toys. This way I nudge you closer to your choices for the best toys for your ferrets.

1. KONG 

A chew toy is always recommended. KONG Small Animal Toy is a chewy toy made by KONG. It is made with a hollow center for stuffing food and other treats. Your ferret can play with it while at the same time getting their treats. It is very rewarding for your pet and encourages them to love playtime.

As a prospective buyer, you may raise questions about its durability seeing as it is a chew toy. Knowing how sharp the teeth of ferrets are, you are right to worry but be at ease. It is made of really strong rubber and it is the perfect size for your ferret. They will have fun chewing on it, rolling it around and as a reward, you can stuff it full of delicious treats.


  • It is made from super strong rubber making it durable for a long time.
  • It stimulates the gums and helps to clean their teeth.
  • It is neither too soft nor too tough making it great for chewing.
  • It can be stuffed with all sorts of treats providing a fun way of feeding your ferret.
  • Ferrets like to chew and this chew toy will keep them engaged and entertained for a long time. 


  • The chew toy increases the chances of infection if it is not cleaned regularly.
  • It gets lost easily among the things in the house.

2. Marshall Alligator-Hideaway

Ferrets have a natural tendency to search for hiding spots. To help in mirroring this inclination you can get this cool alligator hideaway. That way they can do what they like to do safely. You can play with them to keep a close eye on them to make sure they do not get stuck trying to get out and panic.

The toy is large and can be able to fit more than one ferret in there. This is especially great if you own multiple ferrets or any other small pets. Inside it, there is a bell toy to keep them entertained and to make sure it does not get lost or become a danger, it has been fashioned to hang from the roof.

Supervision is necessary until a time when the ferrets are completely familiar with the inside of the hideaway to not get lost. You are guaranteed endless fun for you and your ferret while playing with this toy.


  • It is big enough to easily fit more than one ferret.
  • It is easy to wash and maintain.
  • It serves the ferrets’ natural need to tunnel and hide.
  • It is loads of fun for you and your ferret.


  • Very small pets may have a hard time getting themselves out.

3. Living World 

This toy falls under the category of toys for mental exercise. It is very useful in the mental stimulation of your ferret. It serves to teach them to work for their treats. Because of its three levels of increasing difficulty, it is the most preferred in training them and noting their progress. So, their cognitive abilities are sharpened while they play with you.

It is not only used for ferrets but also other pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. It weighs about one point two pounds so it is quite heavy but this also means that your pets will not be able to damage it quite easily.


  • The game is interactive and designed to challenge the ferret.
  • It has three stages, each tougher and more challenging than its predecessor.
  • It is challenging and educational for pets.
  • It allows you to bond with your ferret carrying out the exercise together.
  • It is suitable for other smaller pets as well.
  • It allows for a more fun way of feeding your ferret.


  • It may be hazardous to your pet’s health if it is not thoroughly cleaned.

4. Marshall Ball-Pit

In a ball pit, your ferrets will not have a moment to get bored. It comes with thirty-five balls ensuring they are properly entertained and engaged. The ferret ball pit is large enough to fit more than one ferret. So all your small pets may get to have playtime together and not have to have fights over the balls because there is enough for every one of them.

Ferrets like to tunnel. You have the option of attaching a Marshall thru-way to the ball pit. This gives an even wider field for playing and having fun. It can easily be folded for easy storage. This toy is a must-have if you have more than one ferret or you intend to add to your pet family.


  • It comes with thirty-five balls for maximum fun.
  • It is large enough for several ferrets.
  • It is suitable for households with multiple small pets.
  • It can be fashioned into a ferret tunnel.
  • It is very easy to fold and store that way it does not take up much space.


  • The balls contained in the pit may cause a fall if they are not kept safe.

5. MidWest Homes Kit

One of the best ways to go in your choice for the best toys is to have a kit. It is economical because it saves you money compared to buying individual items. Kits also have several toys that can be used interchangeably for the most fun experience. In any case, this kit will have most of what you need and at the most affordable price.

It is versatile and is sure to be used in multiple ways without it being boring. It comes with one cube, a hide and seeks tunnel, a hammock, and a blanket. It is made with pet-safe materials; polyester. It is super comfortable and easy to clean. The material is a washing machine enabled making it easy to keep clean.

It is great for owners with multiple pets; they can each play with one item and share.


  • It is an all-in-one kit providing you with an assortment of toys your ferrets will very likely enjoy.
  • It is suitable for multiple ferrets.
  • It is okay to clean with a washing machine and dryer.
  • It is highly versatile so you can mix and match them to get the most fun out of them.


  • The items contained in the kit can get lost if they are not properly kept together.

6. Marshall-Tunnel

Ferrets are natural tunnel borers so they will always be excited for a toy that lets them do this. They will run through them and you may even make it fun by having treats in the tunnel or at the end as a reward. This tunnel satisfies the urge to go through tunnels and hide so you need to have it around.

It can stretch up to fifteen feet long and it is made wide enough that your pets cannot get stuck. For safety, it is made to see through completely so that you can monitor them and help when required. It is excellent for encouraging your pets’ natural tunneling behavior and keeping them safe.


  • The tunnel is made with see-through material to allow you to monitor your pets and keep them safe.
  • It can expand to 15 feet giving them ample room for playing.
  • It can be combined with other Marshall products to create a larger set for the pets to play in.
  • It aligns perfectly with ferrets’ tunneling behaviors.


  • Because of how long it can stretch it may require more room than is available in the house.

7. Wheeky  

This one is special because it crosses all the categories for a perfect toy. It employs mental exercise, it gives physical exercise and best of all it can store treats that the ferrets can get to while playing. It is not exclusively a ferret toy as it can be used by other small animals but it makes for an excellent toy for your ferret.

It is made from plastic that can withstand the sharp teeth of ferrets that way they can play with it for a long time before you have to buy another one. Your ferret will kick it around and bite into it all the while giving it the physical exercise required.


  • It is made from durable plastic
  • It exercises both the body and the mind of pets.
  • It is suitable for other small pets.
  • It has a hollow in the middle for treats and food.


  • It is easy to lose the ball.

8. Niteangel Tunnel

The first thing you notice about this tunnel is how colorful it is. It is more attractive because of this and is guaranteed to be a favorite for your ferret. It is expandable to thirty-nine inches and the material it is made from makes it very flexible. You can have it in any direction you would like to make it a challenge for your pets.

It is best for small animals, they fit through it perfectly. Because it is a tunnel it is excellent for encouraging tunneling safely for ferrets. It is made from tough plastic to make it more long-lasting. The material is also stain-resistant so all the dirt will come off once it is cleaned and become good as new.


  • It is made with durable plastic material which makes it hard to damage.
  • It can stretch to 39 inches enough for small pets.
  • It allows the ferrets to go through the tunnel and feel in their natural habitat.
  • It is long-lasting and stain-resistant.
  • It weighs about 5.6 ounces and is easy to move around and store. 


  • The tunnel may be too small for other small pets.

9. Marshall Pirate-Ship

Pirate themes are cool. With this set, your ferret will be transformed into a captain of a pirate ship complete with flags. Besides its utility as a toy, it is even better for taking photos. You can play for hours with your ferret and can even act out your favorite pirate movies. It is made to last for a long time.

It is made of durable materials. The hanging straps can be adjusted accordingly or can be removed if you so wish. The ship is not stable so to help with that it comes with a bottom insert that levels it out and enhances stability. It is very easy to wash. It weighs approximately 1.1 pounds so it is a bit heavy but it guarantees that it will not be easy to damage.


  • The ship is stabilized by the bottom insert.
  • It has adjustable straps that can also be removed if you desire.
  • It comes with a special ferret pirate flag.
  • It is made with easy to clean materials.


  • It does not allow multiple ferrets at once.
  • It takes some time to assemble.

10. Trixie Board

The board has seven lids covering up spaces for treats. It is a great way to teach your ferrets to seek out treats. It can also keep them entertained as they play with the board which is great when you are busy. In the end, they are going to have fun and get fed freeing you up to do other pressing chores.

You can train them by having treats in different lids every day of the week that way they can preemptively know where the treats are on different days. The board mentally stimulates your pets. It is made of durable plastic set to last a long time. As a bonus, it comes with an instruction manual to help you learn more tips and tricks for training and caring for your pets.


  • It is made with durable plastic for use for a long time.
  • The board is designed to stimulate the minds of your pets.
  • It is a great way for training your ferret.
  • It is rewarding because there are treats at the end of every exercise.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It weighs about seven ounces making it very portable.


  • The board can bring on infection if it is not cleaned out often.

Guide to Buying the Best Ferret Toys

Ferrets are small and not many toys may be suitable for them because of their size. So, first, you need to understand what your ferret requires for it to be healthy. They need physical exercise most of all so in buying their toys make sure to get the ones that will allow them to run, jump, kick, and bite.

They also need mental exercise to be able to adapt easily to their new environment. The environment at home is different from the wild. At home, danger to pets is at a minimum so the sharp instincts for preservation get dull with time so to ensure their mind is properly exercised you need toys that will give them a challenge.

You can choose to feed ferrets any way you want to but there is an option to feed them during playtime. There are a variety of toys with hollow centers for this specific purpose. However, remember to clean them out regularly to prevent any infections.

After understanding what they need now you can move to the things you should consider in a great toy.

Things to Consider:

  • Durability

Ferrets are mostly calm but during play, all that energy they have had inside comes out. They may be too rough on their toys so to be prepared for any scenario you should pick the toys made with durable materials. For most toys, the durable materials used are rubber and plastic. Test them out at the store before buying so that you are sure it is going to last.

For chew toys, there are plenty of rubber toys out there but you have to make sure it is neither too soft nor too hard, the right amount of toughness ensures the toy lasts longer and your pet does not have any difficulty playing with it. A durable toy will save you money on the number of toys you buy as a replacement.

  • Material.

The toys should not have small detachable pieces, they become choking hazards. Small pieces are easy to ignore that is why whenever you are away the danger increases. You will not be able to react on time. To be safe make sure the toys only have sizeable pieces that cannot constitute a disaster.

You should always consider buying toys made with safe materials. Plastic and polyester are good examples. They are safe from pets and they do not break down into pieces easily so they won’t be a hazard. 

Make sure to clean the toys thoroughly. Your pets bite into some of these toys and if they are not clean, they end up contracting diseases. Some of them may be fatal. Another overlooked situation is when the chew toys become old and worn out and pieces start to fall off. These pieces may end up in the mouths of your pets and nothing good will come of it.

  • Size

The toys you buy have to be the right fit for pets that are as small as the ferrets. Ensure they are not too small that they end up choking or too big that they can’t play with. The toys you buy for your other pets like your cat or dog may not be the best for your ferrets. So, make sure to confirm at the store if you are a first-time ferret pet parent.

Keep your ferret away from toys that are constituted of small parts. Accidents mostly occur because of these parts. When they are left unattended, pets may eat them and cause them a lot of discomfort.

  • Versatility

Getting toys that can be used in more ways than one will save you money. The cost of buying several toys for your pet’s entertainment is high. You can alternatively buy a kit containing all the toys you may need or buy one that can be interchangeably used. This ensures you save money on toy expenses.

A versatile toy eliminates boredom. Playing every day with the same toy the same way may tire your pet out and they may even stop playing with it going forward, making it a total loss. You change it to something new or different and keep them excited. 


The best ferret toys will give your pets the sufficient exercise that they need. They will be able to do physical exercise and build their physique. It will help them to absorb nutrients better than they did before. They will consequently be able to grow healthy. The exercise will build their muscles and improve their reflexes.

They will also be able to train their minds with the range of mentally stimulating toys that are available today. The challenges they undertake help them build their cognitive functions. They become smarter and sharper in the end and are even able to do some tasks on their own. The treats they get at the end of their exercises as rewards help to cement what they learn. 

I strongly believe that the best toy for your ferret at this point is the KONG Small Animal Toy. It is a chew toy that covers all the areas of the best toy. It is tough enough to last long but soft enough for your ferret to chew on comfortably. It comes in the perfect size; tailor-made for ferrets. It is hollow at the center for treats so you can feed them as they play.

Your ferret needs the best of the best toys to entertain them; this is the best one yet. So get yourself the KONG today. I guarantee your ferret is going to love it.

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