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Best Flushable Cat Litter

What are the Top Flushable Cat Litter Brands?

The top-class flushable cat litters are very safe to flush. You will easily love them. The clumps which are formed are easy to scoop and would not clog the plumbing of our house. It can neutralize odors, does create large quantities of dust and is subtle on the cat’s nose and toes. However, that too much to ask for.

Most of the litter which are top in class are just for removing the urine and feces easily from the box without the need to empty the entire box. However, they are a no go for flushers. Very few of the products deliver the kind of performance which makes it a long-term trustworthy litter.

If you are trying to find the best cat litter in the market. You would be glad to know that this article would help you with your selection. Identifying the perfect product that performs well in the toilet as well as in the litter box are hard to find. These products have a very good reputation for clumping, can control odor and provide a performance which is amazing. Listed below are the World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping and Flushable Cat Litter available in the market.

Best Flushable Cat Litters to Buy

The article has a list of top-class products which would suit your requirement. All the features are highlighted about the products. You will find detailed feature information below.

1. World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Litter Formula For Multiple Cats


  • Product Info: World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Litter Formula for Multiple Cats.
  • Type: Clumping Corn.
  • Price per Pound: $0.99/lb.
  • Made In: United States.
  • Key Strengths: Overall great performance.


  • It has a little bit of dust.
  • The product’s odor control ability is not that impressive.


  • It is a little bit dusty.
  • The product’s odor control ability is not that impressive.

World’s Best Cat Litter is one of the top-class biodegradable cat litter product brands. This product is not only an average clumping and odor control cat litter product which is also known for their flushability. The manufacturers of this product have always said that their products have been fully tested and have proved that they are flushable and septic safe.

The litter is made from compressed corn. According to most of the users it forms easy to scoop clumps. It does not produce silica dust which is hazardous, unlike the clay litter. World’s Best Cat Litter creates large lumps of corn dust when it is poured into the box. However, it can quickly settle and would not spread much when it is dug or scooped. Overall, the litter is a top performance product and one of the most trusted biodegradable litters available in the market.

2. Okocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping Litter


  • Product Info: Okocat Super Soft Natural Wood Clumping Litter.
  • Type: Clumping Wood.
  • Price per Pound: $1.10/lb.
  • Made In: Germany
  • Key Strengths: Made from lumber.


  • It is an alternative for traditional wood pellets for cats. It is good for cats who have sensitive paws.
  • It has Long-lasting odor control.
  • Made from lumber which is reclaimed.


  • The clumps which are formed are soft and breakable.

When it comes to wood litter, traditionally, when a wood litter is used, it does not clump and forms a cylindrical pellet. The litter is very different and is made of wood which is reclaimed and looks like fine dust or granules which is very similar to the clay litter. This has a good absorbing power and forms and the clumps which are formed are soft making it easy to scoop.

According to the manufacturers this litter can control the odors for up to a week. The reason behind this is the Odor Shield Technology. Even the users have great reviews about the same. However, there is a minute shortcoming that it does not form solid clumps.

The manufacturers have advised that the cat litter is flushable and that the product users can flush one clump at a single time. However, it is advisable not to clump huge amounts into the drain.

3. Style Litter: Rufus And Coco Wee Kitty Clumping Pellets


  • Type: Corn Pellets for clumping.
  • Price per Pound: $2.16/lb
  • Made In: Australia
  • Key Strengths: Gives good performance at a reasonable price.


  • It has very high absorbing power with good clumping ability.
  • Has odor control features.
  • For a cleaner home there is a low tracking option.


  • Litter is very dusty.
  • A bit more expensive than the rest.

Rufus and Coco who are the manufacturer of this product have said that the litter breaks down and dissolves in the liquid, thus making it very safe to flush. Many customers have advised to let the clumps soak into the toilet pot and flush it when it is completely soaked.  This litter is also made out of con. It is different from the World’s Best Cat Litter because the particles look like pellets. They are even a bit heavier than small granules which helps in reducing the tracking. Even though the pellets look different they are compatible with the litter scoops.

However, some users have said that the litter is a bit dusty. Users have said that it spreads clouds of dust when poured in the litter box or when you are trying to scoop the litter.

4. Cocokitty All-Natural Light Weight Long- Lasting Coconut Cat Litter


  • Product: CocoKitty
  • Type: Coconut
  • Price per Cubic Foot: $35.98/cubic foot.
  • Made In: United States
  • Key Strengths: Lightweight litter which is easy to use.


  • Very lightweight in nature.
  • It is soft and feels like soil under the cat’s paw.
  • It is affordable.


  • The Odor control is not very good.
  • This cat litter is very messy.
  • Due to the light weight the litter tends to spread.

This flushable cat litter can be a savior for your back. It saves you from a huge sack of litter up and down your house stairs. It is very light weight and is safe to flush making it one of the best picks. Coco Kitty is very fluffy and comprises the airy voluminous material. Every bag weighs less than lbs. but if compared to clay litter it can weigh for about 80 lbs. of clay litter. One bag of litter can last up to a couple of months if you have a single cat.

The coconut pit also consists of activated carbon to soak the odor and the capillaries which are sponge like soaks the moisture, bacterial growth, fungus and molds. The extracts of plants help in creating the clumps which makes it easier to clean.

Though it is good in many areas which includes flushability. The biggest concern is tracking and scattering. Overall, it is a very good product to use.

5. Next Gen Pet Green Tea Fresh Cat Litter


  • Product Info: Next Gen Pet Green Tea Fresh Cat Litter.
  • Type: Green Tea with wood.
  • Price per Pound: $3.99/lb.
  • Made In: Japan.
  • Key Strengths: Has a nice scent.


  • It spreads low-dust and has minimal tracking.
  • Has a nice scent which is of green tea.
  • It has a feature to neutralize odors.
  • It is safe to flush.


  • It does not clump.

This product is based on wood litter which contains green tea leaves. The feature of removing odor is amazing which uses the astringent known as catechin so that the odors are reduced and also fights the bacteria which are harmful. The manufacturers claim that this is very helpful in neutralizing the odor in the box and thus keeps it smelling good. Users have given mixed reviews about the same but overall, you can count it as a competent litter. Many have praised the green tea scent which the litter emits. The litter is very light in weight and has low dust. If you want to know if it is flushable the answer to this is yes.

Which Types Of Cat Litter Are Safe To Flush?

Any type of cat litter is alright to flush. The only ones which can be flush without hindering your plumbing, is the clumping clay litter. This litter is made of sodium bentonite clay and is also very absorbent clay which can create a sludge which becomes like cement when it comes to contact water.

This feature makes the litter very popular and effective. However, it can make the plumbing messier and even damage your septic system. It jams the drainage. You can try flushing non-clumping litter, many users have suggested not to do that. The reason being that it does not expand unlike the clumping clay and thus burden your plumbing. The only exception for the no flush rule is the biodegradable cat litter. Every biodegradable cat litter is flushable.

Choosing the Best Cat Litter for Your Household

If you are a new cat owner and have thought about the smelling thing around the cat’s litter box. Then it may be the best thing to get a new cat litter for your feline friend daily needs. If you have the correct cat litter it can reduce the stress and help your new friend to urinate in the litter box. There are many litter boxes which are easy to clean and also control the odor.

What Is Cat Litter Made Of?

Some of the most common ingredients by which the cat litters are manufactured are as below:

  • Clay: Clay is the best cat litter material in the market. Many clay litter manufacturers use ingredients such as carbon and plant extracts to absorb odors.
  • Corn: Litter created from corn is biodegradable. It can be found in natural and scented types.
  • Coconut husks: This litter is made from the husks of coconuts, easily recyclable.
  • Wheat: The clumping feature is due to the starch inside wheat kernels gives it the clumping capability and also creates natural enzymes that neutralize odors.
  • Wood: Found in pellet form which is a by-product of pinewood. The pine scent starts to act as a deodorizer.
  • Walnut shells: Created from walnut shells this cat litter is available in quick-clumping and non-clumping types.
  • Recycled newspaper: It is manufactured in pellet forms and is an eco-friendly litter which is made from newspapers which are recycled.
  • Silica-based gel crystals: Silica is a natural mineral, which is used as an absorbent. It is reusable by one cat over a period of a month.

Types of Cat Litter

Cat litters can be found in many textures, types and even different scents. You now need to find which one suits your cat.

  • SCENTED VS. UNSCENTED CAT LITTER: Cat litter is available in both scented and unscented type. The ones which are scented can mask the odor of the litter box but some cats do not prefer strong smells. Unscented cat litter mainly consists of carbon and natural plant extracts which can help to absorb the smell from the urines and feces which is in the litter box. This makes you and your cat satisfied.
  • CLUMPING VS. NON-CLUMPING CAT LITTER: Another option of cat litter available in the market is the clumping and the non-clumping litter. This is how a pet parent can choose how to empty the litter box.  Scoopable solids are formed in clumping litter for easy and fast removal of cat litter. Non-clumping litter mostly does not have the odor control feature which is not like the clumping litter.

 Types of Litters – A Brief Summary

Litter Type Scented or Unscented Clumping or Non-clumping Pros Cons
Clay Found in both scented and unscented options. Fast clumping fast clumping for easy clean-up Not biodegradable, create dust.
features of odor control
Needs to be changed less than other options in the market.
Corn Available in natural and scented varieties Natural clumping Dust-free expensive the other litters
Coconut Husk Natural scent light clumps Dust-free difficult to find than more traditional cat litters
manufactured from a renewable resource
Wheat Available in natural and scented varieties Natural clumping Naturally clumping and absorbs odor Does not clump like clay litter
Dust-free Can be easily attacked by pets
Wood / Pine Natural scent Does not clump pinewood by-product Some pet parents may find pine scent too strong
used for landscape mulch and composting
Walnut Shell Natural scent Available in clumping and non-clumping options highly absorbing May not clump as easily when compared with clay litter
Low dust & even low tracking
Recycled Paper Unscented Does not clump Biodegradable Not much odor control
Dust-free Not flushable
less expensive than most natural litters you need to change it frequently
best for cats who had recent surgery  
Silica Available in scented and unscented options No clumping Absorbing nature Expensive than the other litters
Reusable for a month Cats may not like the crystal litter on their paws
Dust-free & Trackless  

How to Switch Cat Litters?

Cats generally adapt to the new litter easily. However, there will be a time when you need to switch or change the litter. In this case you need to make sure the transition is slow. You need to start with adding a small amount of the new litter to the old litter. It would generally take a time frame of at least 10 days until you switch the litter completely.  This is very necessary to do because the change in the litter can cause the cat to change their litter behavior.

If your kitten/cat try giving them various options to choose from the litter types and check which is the one they are comfortable with. You can try adding 3-4 boxes in a row and see which one is compatible with your cat’s requirement. If your cat avoids the litter box you need to contact your veterinarian. Sometimes even due to certain medical issues cats might change their litter behavior.

Do You Need A Good Flushable Litter Or Scooping And Throwing Is Still The Best Option?

Very less cat litter manufacturers advertise their product as flushable. However, some do advertise but add a warning that it is not a good thing to do. There are some reasons for this. Even if a litter says that the litter is flushable. It does not make it safe to flush. It may cause damage to your plumbing.

The biodegradable material can be a great burden to your plumbing or the septic system in your house. Causing damage to the system in due course of time. The best flushable cat litter can also cause this problem. So, you need to make sure that the whole litter is absorbed before you flush it out. Take everything slowly out.

There is another problem when it comes to flushing cat litter out apart from plumbing. Let’s say that your house is connected to a city sewer and you have flushed your cats waste into the toilet. This means you are flushing the cat’s litter into the water. Many times, cat’s feces are infected with parasites such as Toxoplasma Gondii. This parasite does not affect adult humans but can infect or even kill a fetus or other marine animals. Even water treatment centers can hardly detect these parasites.


In this above article the best flushable cat litter available in the market is “World’s Best Cat Litter” because of the following reasons. It has a little bit of dust. The product’s odor control ability is not that impressive.

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