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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cantaloupe Melon

Is it Safe for a Guinea Pig to Have Cantaloupe Rind?

We may like to have pets, what’s important is to take good care of them. There are lots of pets one can acquire out there; among them is the guinea pig. Guinea pigs love to eat cantaloupe melon as it is a juicy melon, and it is delicious.

Nonetheless, one has to be careful in feeding the guinea pig the cantaloupe melon. Some may have wondered if the cantaloupe is harmless for their pet; stay glued, as we will discuss in detail below. But first, let us look at the Guinea Pig. 

A Guinea Pig

This pet is another animal found in the rodent family. They are small in size, and they weigh about 2.5 lbs. at their adult stage. They also grow up to as much as one foot in length and can live up to nine healthy years.

You’ll always find these creatures chewing something in their mouth all day. This is because their teeth grow continually, and it may be necessary for them to file their teeth to avoid complications in their gum and teeth. One thing they love to do is hanging around people they are familiar with.

This makes them happy and active. They are also perfect for homes with little space because of their petite sizes.

Their Regular Meal

The guinea pigs can be fed with varieties of food. These foods also contain various nutrients necessary for their body nourishment and healthy living. However, we list some of the meals that can be regularly fed to the guinea pigs.

  • The first thing to know is that guinea pigs eat more when their meal is low in fat and sugar content.
  • Their meal can also be complemented with fruits and veggies. You can give fruits and veggies to make up to 10% of their regular feed. Any leftovers should be taken away from them after 24 hours.
  • Also, note that guinea pigs do not naturally produce their vitamin C, so you have to ensure that you feed them vitamin C nourishing meals. The meals may include fruits and veggies as some fruits and veggies are high in vitamin C content. This should be about 30mg to 5omg daily.
  • Timothy Hay and other high-quality feed for guinea pigs should constitute the major part of their meal. There are some ready-made feeds for pigs that contain all the essential nutrients necessary for the guinea pig’s growth.
  • Lastly, ensure that the guinea pigs always have water in their drinking trough. You need to provide clean and fresh water in a clean drinking trough for your guinea pigs. This water needs to be changed daily

The Cantaloupe Melon

This fruit is a round orange-fleshed fruit. It may also be called the sweet melon. It has an exterior color, which varies from green to a thick tan color.

Nutritionally, it nourishes the body with lots of vitamins C. vitamin C is an essential nutrient in the guinea pigs’ meal. It helps to fight off a lot of disease-causing bacteria.

Among these diseases is one known as scurvy. The lack of vitamin C nutrients in the body results in scurvy. Hence, the cantaloupe melon is fit for the guinea pigs’ consumption.

Just as mentioned earlier, research also confirms that vitamin C is vital for your guinea pigs as they do not formulate vitamin C. So they need to get vitamin C from the foods they eat. Moreover, when vitamin C is deficient in guinea pigs, you risk exposing them to other deadly conditions.

Another thing to note is that the cantaloupe melon has high sugar, water, fiber content. Fiber prevents constipation and helps to improve motility in the digestive system. Water is necessary for hydration.

Antioxidants help support the body cells by preventing damages that may result in cancer for your guinea pigs. Nonetheless, if you feed your guinea pigs with too much fiber, then they may experience upset in the stomach. So you have to feed your guinea pigs in moderation.

How Safe is the Cantaloupe Melon for Guinea Pigs?

A lot are worried about if the cantaloupe melon is safe for consumption for their guinea pigs. A lot more are concerned about the right quantity to feed the guinea pigs. This section will explain in detail the right amount of food to be given to your guinea pigs; stay tuned.

We can say that you can feed your guinea pigs the cantaloupe melon, considering all pros and cons mentioned above. After all, the guinea pigs also love the cantaloupe melon. It’s okay to feed them with it

However, it would be best to observe the moderation rule when you feed your pets with the cantaloupe melon. A few portions of cantaloupe melon is ideal for a guinea pig. Put in mind that your guinea pig should take about half a cup of the combination of fruits and vegetables.

Cleanliness is next to healthiness. Make sure to keep your pet and its environment clean. Take away any remnant as it may become unsafe for their health if it takes longer than 24 hours. Fruits and vegetables can only be used to complement the guinea pig’s regular meal – Timothy hay and ready-made foods.

You can create a feeding routine for your pet, administering the Timothy Hay and ready-made foods with fruits, veggies, and other delicious treats. You also have to be cautious of the cantaloupe seeds when feeding the guinea pigs. The seeds’ slippery nature can make them get trapped in the throat, which may cause severe problems for your pet.

So, after cutting the melon open, carefully remove all seeds and peel their husk before giving them to the guinea pigs. Make sure to properly discard the seeds and the husk away from the guinea pig. They can cause harm to the pigs.


The cantaloupe melon is safe for guinea pigs’ consumption. However, it has its adverse side effects and the benefits it provides for the guinea pig. Moderation is key! Take all necessary precautions before feeding the guinea pigs the cantaloupe melon.

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