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Ferret vs Weasel vs Mink

What is the Difference Between Ferret and Weasel and Mink Animals?

It is very tricky to tell the difference between weasel and ferret or mink vs ferret because of these reasons. All of the members belong to the mustelid animal family. All these members have many common characteristics. However, they are very different in size, habitat and the food they eat but the mechanism of defense they have and some other behavioral pattern do not change from one another. Now let’s find the difference between these categories.

Mink Vs Ferret

  • The ancestors or ferrets were polecats. Mink and Ferrets can both swim but they don’t prefer swimming. They live a life which is mostly semi aquatic and generally live near the rivers. Minks generally live in rivers or lakes and can swim.
  • Minks eat fish, small water creatures, and crustaceans while the ferrets eat terrestrial mammals such as mice, voles and hamsters.
  • Ferrets when kept as pets require a lot of attention and pampering. They always need a carnivorous diet and training in a proper manner. They prefer meat in their diet. Ferrets can be kept as a good pet but minks can’t be kept as a good one.
  • When you keep a mink as a pet, they need to be trained and need to be trained as a zoo animal. They would need a pool and also an enclosure where they get a view of the outdoor world. This is not possible when you keep a mink at home in most cases. Ferrets can live in huge cages as well.
  • Minks have a temperament which is not suited for them being pets but ferrets are the one and most famous pets across the globe. Individuals keep the mink just for fur quality and color. Minks are wild, which when given a chance to escape can run away.

Weasel vs Ferret

  • Both ferrets and weasels are known for being swift in nature and for long bodies. They have different characteristics than each other such as appearance, diet and behavior. Their hunting habits are also different from one another.
  • Weasels have shorter bodies and longer tails when compared to ferrets. They have reddish- brown or brown coats at the top and the hind part of the body is white. The ferrets on the other hand have black brown coat on the hind part of the body along with some pinches of the color white.
  • The length of the weasels can be from 5’ to 18’ inches along with a tail that can grow to a maximum of 13’ inches. The ferrets can be as long as 24’’ inches long and have a long tail. Both the animals squeeze their body if they want to enter a hole which is very small. However, when ferrets are kept at homes, they need large cages.
  • Weasels prefer creatures which are small such as rabbits, mice and snakes. Ferrets prefer small prey as they like the blood and also like feeding on insects and chicken. Both the animals have great eyesight and sense of smell so they can hunt fast.
  • Ferrets can become good pets but weasels can’t. They have a bad temperament and are considered as bad pets. Weasels are pets which are dangerous for humans and not at all social at all.

These are some of the pointers which would let you know about the similarities and the differences between mink and ferret and also weasels. There are other animals as well such as otters, fishers, badgers and skunks which are also from the same family. All these animals differ from each other but have very minute differences. Let’s hope you have understood the differences and similarities between the animals discussed above.

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