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How Big Do Ferrets Get

When Do Pet Ferrets Stop Growing & How Much Do They Weigh?

If you are looking to get a small furry animal in your house as a pet. Then ferrets can make a lovely part of your family. You must be excited to know what the basic facts of the ferrets are. In this article you would learn about the ferrets and gain knowledge about the creature known as ferrets. This will help you in planning for the arrival of the new member of the family.

How Long are Ferrets?

Ferrets grow very quickly and you will see that they grow to age in 4 months and can reproduce because of the ability and complete size. You will find that the age of the ferret at 3 is almost the age at midlife. Listed below are some factors that tell you about the ferrets.

  • By gender, an adult ferret can weigh about 1 to 4 pounds approximately and the height ranges from 18-24’’.
  • In this species the more important gender is the male ferret. The weight of the male is from 2-4 pounds. The overall length of the male is approximately 24’’.
  • The weight of the female ferret is approximately, 1- 2.5 pounds. They are much smaller than the males. The females are approximately 18’’ inches in length.
  • The ferret which is four months old is considered full grown.

Female Ferret

Weight -1.5 pounds.

Height -12 inches approx.

Male Ferret

Weight- 2.5 pounds

Height – 16 inches almost.

The height is generally measured from the tip of the nose to the tails end. The lifespan of the ferret is about 6-10 years. Once they reach the age of 5 to 8 months the female ferrets can reach the sexual maturity. The males reach sexual maturity when they are 6 – 8 months old. This would depend on the care you take for your pets.

Reasons to Have a Ferret At Home As a Pet

Ferrets are not for all owners but they surely do make very good pets. They can bond nicely and are very affectionate towards their owners for almost all day. There are very few pets which are as playful as ferrets. However, they have gathered a lot of negative views which is not what they deserve. If you are thinking of getting a ferret as a pet, you can learn more about them in this article. Listed below are some points which tells you why you can keep ferrets as pet:

  • Ferrets are Cute:  As they have mischievous eyes and sweet faces, ferrets are very adorable. They are very small in size and can provide the owner’s family with a very long-time pet. Most ferrets live for six to eight years. Some ferrets can live up to 12 years maximum.
  • Ferrets Are Playful And Curious: They can entertain you with their funny ways and are always happy to play with you. Watching your pet play will bring great joy in your life and uplift your mood. Owning a pet always improves the overall health of a human and brings great comfort in one’s life.
  • Ferrets Are Friendly And Affectionate: Having one ferret is recommended. However, having more than one can increase the fun factor for your family. These ferrets can socialize but they love their owners very much and crave for their attention.
  • Ferrets Are Intelligent: they are an intelligent breed and can adapt to solving all kinds of problems on their own. They enjoy challenging games and you can give them challenging games.
  • Ferrets Are Quiet: They don’t require huge cages but it is better for them if it is bigger. Cages for ferrets are tall which also has multiple levels. They need to be taken out of the cages for exercise and playtime.
  • Easy To Feed: You can feed them food which is available in the market and are available in pet stores and retailers online. High quality food is recommended.
  • Ferrets Can Be Litter Trained:  Ferrets can be trained to go in a litter box, in and out of the cage. You can even take them with you for a stroll.
  • Easy Exercise: They can do all the exercise you have thought for them by just a little bit of training. You can get a harness for your ferret and some training and you can take them out for a stroll.

Ferret Have Distinguishing Personalities: Each ferret is unique and has its own characteristic. Some of them may be self-dependent while some are very cuddly. However, if you are thinking of getting a ferret, you should try and see if you get along with them first.

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